Chairman Daniel Cordey

Daniel Cordey has been elected as the chairman of AGES in June 2014.  He is a citizen of Switzerland and has a degree in Civil Engineering (HTL). In 1990, he completed a post-graduate degree in Business Management at the Engineering School in Burgdorf and began his employment with NUSSLI as Managing Director of the branch office in Lyss/Switzerland. 


In 1996, Daniel Cordey took over the management of the head office in Huttwilen at the newly founded Nüssli Special Events Ltd., to continue the internationalization process of the company. In this function, he acquisitioned and managed many large-scale international projects, founded new entities and gathered a wide spectrum of experience in the field of temporary and modular constructions. He expanded his expert knowledge of business at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. 


Daniel Cordey has been a member of the Group management and in charge of sales, marketing  and business development for NUSSLI Group since 2000. Daniel was CEO Market between May 2010 and April 2012; from May 2012 Cordey took on the role of CMO until 2014. 

Professional Experience

Professional Experience 

2000 - 2014 MD, CEO, CMO, NUSSLI Group, Huettwilen/Switzerland 

1996 - 2000 MD, Nüssli Special Events Ltd, Huettwilen/Switzerland 

1994 - 1999 President  Examination Board, Swiss Scaffolders Association

1990 - 1995 MD, Nüssli Construvit Ltd, Lyss/Switzerland 

1987 - 1989 Project Coordinator/Production Manager, VSL Norge AS, Stavanger/Norway 

1982 - 1987 Project Manager, VSL International Ltd., Berne/Switzerland 

1981 - 1981 Project Engineer, Temel Muehendislik, Istanbul/Turkey 


Project track record in Event & Exhibition Industry since 1990 (extract only)

Olympic Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, America’s Cup, Universiade, FIFA FWC 2010, UEFA Euro 08, World Exhibitions and others

Education and Degrees

Education and Degrees 

1999 - 1999 Post Graduate Study, University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen 

1989 - 1990 Post Graduate Study, MBA (NDS), School of Engineering, Burgdorf 

1977 - 1981 Degree in Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, Burgdorf 

1972 - 1987 Apprenticeship, Engineering Office R. Rudolf, Berne

Contact Daniel directly

Association of Global Event Suppliers

Monbijoustrasse 15

CH 3011 Berne


Cell +41 79 407 06 06



Association of Global Event Suppliers
Bollwerk 21
CH 3011 Bern, Switzerland


Phone +41 31 311 23 61

Cell     +41 79 407 06 06


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