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MCH Group Blog - Experts talk about big events

Temporary Venues_Feature, PSAM 2017.pdf
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News Release about Annual Event 2017.pdf
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News release announcing the partnership with SOS Global
News Release October 15, 2015.pdf
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News release announcing partnership with EY
News release July 2015.pdf
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Report in Hostcity Magazine, Summer Issue 2015
This article reports about the first AGES event in Derbyshire
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Temporary Stadia and major sporting events - Panstadia, 1st quarter 2015
Three industry experts provide their insights on the design and operational considerations
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Temporary venues must innovate to meet demand, say IOC and UEFA
Press Report from the AGES Conference hold in Derbyshire, UK
Media clip Hostcity online, March 9, 201
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AGES Press Release March 2015
Press release March 2015.pdf
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Martin Kallen speaking at AGES Conference
Martin Kallen, Director of UEFA Operations Division & CEO of Euro 2016 SAS receiving the expression of gratitude from Daniel Cordey, Chairman of AGES, after his speach at the first AGES Conference March 2, 2015 in Derbyshire
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Xavier Becker speaking at AGES Conference
Xavier Becker, Head of Venues, Infrastructure & Services, IOC, receiving the expression of gratitude from Daniel Cordey, Chairman of AGES after his speach at the conference of MArch2, 2015 in Derbyshire
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David Stubbs presenting at the AGES Conference
David Stubbs, Professor, Independent Sustainability Expert, speaking at the first AGES conference in Derbyshire, March 2, 2015
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AGES Press Release September 2014
20140904 AGES Press Release.pdf
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AGES Bio of Chairman
Bio of Daniel Cordey, Chairman of AGES
AGES Bio chairman.pdf
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Picture Chairman Daniel Cordey
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Constitutional Meeting Group Photo
20140624_Constitutional Meeting Group Ph
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AGES Boilerplate
Short Description about AGES
AGES Boilerplate.pdf
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Interview From Rio to Tokyo with panelists at AGES Conference

Industry Experts talk about big events - MCH Blog  


Temporary Venues_Feature, PSAM 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.6 MB